Complete GoHighLevel Guide For SMMA Owners (A-Z)

Imagine, as an SMMA owner, finding a comprehensive tool that could effortlessly boost your agency’s operations, making your work smoother and more professional. That’s what the GoHighLevel software offers, an all-in-one solution that might seem like a dream come true. Some may say it is, especially after testimonies such as Jordan Platten’s. Platten’s video guide walks you through a step-by-step process of integrating the GoHighLevel software into your agencies, and he’s not shy to share how it positively transformed his own seven-figure marketing agency.

Initially not a fan of the software, Platten gives it another shot in 2023 and was astounded by the improved features. The video, devoid of affiliate revenue ulterior motives, navigates viewers through setting up an SMMA from scratch, incorporating the widely-sought GoHighLevel software. Setting it up may take a couple hours, but the convenience and superiority it brings afterward to your agency is priceless. It’s a one-time effort that, according to Platten, can undoubtedly increase your earnings and systematize your agency—time management, email marketing, and Google business profile reputations are just a few benefits he notes.

Complete GoHighLevel Guide For SMMA Owners (A-Z)

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Table of Contents

Understanding GoHighLevel

What is GoHighLevel

GoHighLevel is an all-in-one agency management tool. Whether you’re just starting out or already have an established agency, GoHighLevel can manage a variety of tasks for you. It hosts websites, manages end-to-end sales processes, reviews inbound ads, and can even be used to deliver full services for your clients. It can offer a systemized and professional look to your agency and help you to increase your income along while saving costs on other software.

Features and functionalities of GoHighLevel

GoHighLevel has a plethora of features and functionalities tailored for agency owners. To manage your sales process efficiently, it offers a comprehensive end-to-end sales management process, managing everything from emails to communications with clients. Furthermore, GoHighLevel can host your website, serve as a platform for reviewing inbound ads, and even be employed for entire service delivery on behalf of your clients.

GoHighLevel’s reputation management feature

Reputation management is a crucial component of GoHighLevel. It assists with managing your Google business profile and Facebook reviews which are often the first impression prospective clients have of your services. Maintaining a positive reputation can significantly impact signing up more clients and thus, increase your revenue.

Setting Up a GoHighLevel Account

Starting process of setting up free trial

Starting with GoHighLevel is straightforward. You can sign up for a 14-day free trial without any pressure. Registration merely requires filling in your details.

Filling in business and employee details

During the signup process, you’d also be asked about your business and employee details. These include your business name, number of customers, current tools in use and your business niche. All these are crucial as they help GoHighLevel serve you better.

Integrating existing software

GoHighLevel offers the option of integrating existing software into its platform. This is recommended for those who already use other tools and want a smoother migration process. However, if you’re starting from scratch, you don’t need to bother about this.

Connecting GoHighLevel with Google, Facebook, Instagram and Stripe

To ensure seamless operation and a more professional outlook to your agency, it’s imperative to connect your GoHighLevel account with Google, Facebook, Instagram and Stripe. This provides a consolidated platform for managing all your operations.

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Setting Up Phone Systems and Accounts

The need for setting up phone systems

Setting up the phone system is essential as it offers functionality like ringing the phone, which can be beneficial for real-time communication.

How to link with specific accounts

You can link your GoHighLevel profile with specific accounts such as Google, Facebook, Instagram and Stripe to enhance your reach and functionalities.

Setting up regulatory bundle and address

In addition to setting up your phone systems and linking accounts, it’s also crucial to ensure your regulatory bundle and address are correctly set up. This improves accountability and enhances the professionalism of your agency.

Process of Setting Up Domains and Emails

Domain setup process

Having a high-level domain is essential for your online identity. GoHighLevel makes it easy for you to set up a domain name which would usually be your business name.

Setting up a subdomain for email purposes

To ensure that your emails don’t get flagged as spam, it’s recommended to create a subdomain on an existing domain for email purposes. Your email address will be derived from the subdomain. For instance, it can be your

Ensuring emails from high-level domains do not get marked as spam

To prevent your emails from being marked as spam, it’s advisable to send emails from a dedicated domain. However, avoid setting up your main domain for this purpose as it can interfere with other team members’ email activities. A subdomain would be a more appropriate solution.

Complete GoHighLevel Guide For SMMA Owners (A-Z)

Agency View vs. Individual View in GoHighLevel

Importance of setting up an agency account

An agency account on GoHighLevel allows you to have an overview of all individual sub-accounts while potentially observing the revenue stream and affiliate revenue.

Overview of agency account features

With an agency account, you can customize menu links, set up optional AI settings such as Conversation AI, Workflow AI, Reviews AI, Content AI, and also customize resources for respective agency users.

Difference between agency view and individual view

While an individual view offers a simplistic interface that caters to the needs of individuals, an agency view houses a plethora of features suited for an agency’s needs. This includes managing client service delivery, integrating other systems, and complete system rebranding to make the software look like it’s your own product.

Payment Gateway Integration

Linking Stripe account with GoHighLevel

A seamless payment process is vital for any agency. The GoHighLevel platform allows agency owners to link their Stripe accounts for efficient transactions.

Setting up payment gateway with GoHighLevel

Setting up a payment gateway with GoHighLevel enables your agency to receive payments directly on the platform, making transaction processes quick and easy.

Security measures for payment gateway integration

GoHighLevel ensures secure transactions by implementing stringent security measures in their payment gateway integration. Hence, you can rest assured, knowing your agency’s financial transactions are safe.

Complete GoHighLevel Guide For SMMA Owners (A-Z)

Customization in GoHighLevel

Custom menu links

GoHighLevel enables you to set up custom menu links tailored for specific agency users. This enhances navigation and ease of use on the platform.

Optional AI settings

GoHighLevel offers optional AI settings that include Conversation AI, Workflow AI, Reviews AI, and Content AI. These could potentially simplify and enhance agency operations.

Customizing resources for respective agency users

One of GoHighLevel’s strengths is its ability to allow resource customization for respective agency users. This could range from the information displayed on an account to its functionality.

API Integration in GoHighLevel

Role of API keys in GoHighLevel

API keys in GoHighLevel provide you with the opportunity to integrate other tools with GoHighLevel. This can greatly improve your agency’s functionality and streamline day-to-day operations.

Integration with other tools using API keys

Using API keys, you can integrate other tools such as project management software, communication tools, other SMMA platforms to streamline your workflow and make your processes more efficient.

Security measures with API keys

When using API keys, privacy and security are of utmost importance. GoHighLevel has stringent security measures in place to ensure your API integration is secure and your data remains private.

Appointment Setting in GoHighLevel

Necessity of a sub-account for appointment setting

To create an appointment setting system, you need to establish a sub-account on GoHighLevel. This dedicated space will allow for efficient and organized meeting management.

The role of an agency dashboard in managing appointments

Your agency dashboard plays an integral role in managing appointments, making it effortless to view and manage all your appointments in one place.

Features of appointment setting in GoHighLevel

The appointment setting feature in GoHighLevel allows you to schedule and manage appointments, set reminders, categorize appointments by type, and do much more.


Summary of features and benefits of using GoHighLevel

In summary, GoHighLevel is a game-changer for SMMA owners. With features such as website hosting, end-to-end sales management, reputation management, agency and individual views, payment gateway integration, and numerous customization options, it provides an all-round solution for managing a successful agency.

Comparison of GoHighLevel with other SMMA tools

While many SMMA tools concentrate on specific areas, GoHighLevel is different, offering an all-in-one solution that handles every aspect of running an agency. It’s comprehensive, user-friendly, and highly customizable –staking its claim as a solid choice for SMMA owners.

Final takeaways for SMMA owners

For SMMA owners seeking to elevate and streamline their operations, GoHighLevel is a one-stop solution worth considering. Although the initial setup might take some time, it’s a one-time investment that can potentially boost your professional outlook, systemize your processes, and increase your revenue.

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