I Transformed an Email Marketing Agency with AI

Get ready to witness an incredible transformation of an Email Marketing Agency using AI technology, shared by Liam Ottley. Through a recent project, Liam orchestrates clever usage of AI to revolutionize traditional ways, tackling problems with strategic precision. He does this by incorporating AI solutions like an AI-enhanced client success manager chatbot, an AI-enhanced internal assistant chatbot, an Airtable database synced with the company’s Notion, and another confidential AI aspect that has greatly impacted their service delivery.

Travel with Liam as he navigates this voyage and posts his step-by-step process in an ongoing series aimed at enlightening views on the immense potential of AI. Alongside this, he extends a hand to those either looking for ways to earn money with AI, seeking to establish their own AI Automation Agency, or attempting to integrate AI into their existing businesses. His goal is to inspire and equip people with the necessary knowledge and tools to transform their businesses through the power of AI.

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Understanding the Challenge

As an AI Automation Agency, we thrive on problem-solving and experimenting with new, innovative solutions. Our recent engagement was with Kensington Media House, a Dubai-based email marketing agency. We noticed the potential for implementing AI solutions there to further enhance their operations.

The state of the Email Marketing Agency prior to implementation

To our pleasant surprise, the agency was already running a tight ship, boasting an impressive 0% churn. While this indicates a high level of customer satisfaction and loyalty, it also meant our work was cut out for us. We had to bring something extra to the table without disrupting their already successful operations.

Identification of key challenges within the agency

On the surface, it might have seemed like there were no significant challenges to address due to the agency’s excellent performance. Still, we discovered certain areas where we could introduce AI solutions to streamline their processes. The key areas included their client onboarding process, handling client queries, and internal assistant operations.

Discussion with the agency owners about their willingness to adopt AI solutions

Our next step was engaging the agency owners in a detailed conversation about their openness to incorporating AI into their operations. We were delighted to note their enthusiasm and curiosity about the possibilities AI presented. They shared their eagerness to explore AI solutions as a competitive advantage tool to provide an above-par service to their clients while maintaining operational efficiency.

Devising the AI Strategy

Having understood their business model and their willingness to experiment with AI, we moved on to the next stage – planning AI implementation strategy.

Brainstorming AI solutions to counter the challenges

Our team brainstormed extensively to come up with innovative AI solutions that would align with the agency’s current operations. We mapped out potential issues and iterated solutions to tackle them – keeping in mind the value-add these solutions could provide.

Planning out the integration of AI within the agency

Once we learned more about the agency’s processes, we sketched out a detailed AI integration plan. We aimed to incorporate AI seamlessly within their existing systems without causing any disruptions. From client interaction to storing records in a central, accessible location, we strategized it all.

Consideration of the budget allocated to AI implementation

We also had to consider the budget for AI implementation. Even though AI solutions can streamline operations and enhance efficiency, it typically requires an upfront investment. We worked closely with the agency owners to understand their budget considerations and to ensure our solutions were cost-effective.

I Transformed an Email Marketing Agency with AI

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Implementing AI Solutions

We worked on curating and implementing AI solutions with a focus on using no-code and low-code platforms.

Adaptation of no-code and low-code platforms for AI solutions

To expedite the AI implementation process and ensure solutions continuity even in our absence, we chose to work with no-code and low-code platforms. Such platforms allow for quick and efficient building, testing, and deployment of AI modules without needing extensive programming knowledge.

Creation of an AI-enhanced client success manager chatbot

One of the AI solutions we worked on was an AI-enhanced chatbot. This chatbot serves as a virtual client success manager, capable of handling client queries and concerns, thus enabling real-time engagement.

Development of an AI-enhanced internal assistant chatbot

Apart from the client-facing AI solution, we also created an AI-enhanced internal assistant chatbot. This bot was designed to help employees handle internal operations smoothly and reduce manual effort.

Syncing of Airtable Database with the company’s Notion

We synchronized the company’s Notion with Airtable – a user-friendly platform that combines features of Excel and databases. This integrated system allows employees to access the information they need seamlessly, thereby increasing efficiency.

Secret AI Solution

Apart from the solutions mentioned above, we also introduced a confidential AI solution to the agency.

Introduction of a confidential AI solution

One of our standout solutions remained confidential due apparent competitive advantage it offered. This undisclosed solution was designed to directly impact a significant aspect of their service delivery and augment the agency’s operations.

The impact of the secret solution on the agency’s services

The confidential AI solution we introduced was designed to bring about a significant positive transformation in the agency’s services. Although we can’t discuss the specifics, it’s safe to say that it aided the agency in strengthening its standing in the competitive marketplace.

I Transformed an Email Marketing Agency with AI

Valuation of the Project

We provided an estimation of the project’s value upon completion within a week.

Completion of the project within seven days

One of our accomplishments was the completion of the whole AI transformation project within just seven days. We managed to evaluate challenges, brainstorm solutions, and implement these solutions, all within this time frame.

Estimated value of the project by the agency owners

The agency’s owners valued our efforts highly, placing an estimated value of over $10,000 on the project. This not only spoke to the quality of our work but affirmed the value of AI in optimizing business operations. Transparency and respect for confidentiality remained paramount throughout the process.

Exploring Airtable Capabilities

We also harnessed the advanced features of Airtable for this project.

Understanding advanced features of Airtable

Airtable, with its advanced features, is a valuable tool for businesses, especially when it’s about creating, using, and sharing small relational databases. This knowledge helped us devise solutions that effectively addressed the agency’s needs.

Leveraging Airtable for automation capabilities within the project

We leveraged the automation capabilities offered by Airtable to develop interfaces for inputting and accessing data, tracking workflow stages, and even categorising output. Its powerful automation capabilities were instrumental in the project’s success.

I Transformed an Email Marketing Agency with AI

The role of AI Automation Agency Owner’s

As AI Automation Agency owners, our role extends beyond just offering solutions.

Identification of opportunities for AI to enhance businesses

We see ourselves as catalysts for change, identifying opportunities where AI can enhance businesses. Our objective is to bring transformative solutions to companies, preparing them for the future while improving present outcomes.

Building necessary systems to implement it

We believe in developing the necessary systems and interfaces needed to implement our AI solutions. By making our solutions user-friendly and seamless, we ensure that the businesses we work with can maximally benefit from AI.

Lessons Learned and Reflecting on the Experience

Implementing AI solutions within an already successful business was a learning experience, providing us with multiple insights.

Insights about the project and the process

The project offered a thorough understanding of how AI can be integrated within a business without necessarily disrupting established operations. It also emphasized the value of working closely with business owners to identify, understand, and address challenges.

Assessing the value added to the agency by the AI solutions

Our engagement with the email marketing agency showed us the tangible value that AI brings to businesses. The AI enhancements not only streamlined operations but also contributed to making the agency more competitive in their field.

Feedback and reflection from the agency owners

The positive feedback and appreciation from the agency owners, as evidenced by their high valuation of the project, affirmed the efficacy of our approach and the value of our solutions.

Sharing Resources and Offering Consulting Services

We believe in sharing our resources and expertise for the benefit of other businesses.

Inclusion of all templates used in the build for public access

In order to help other businesses on their AI journey, we made all the templates used in this build available for public access. We hope that these resources will be helpful in implementing AI solutions across industries.

Availability of resources through Skool community

Our Skool community serves as a hub for resources and discussions around AI. We invite all interested parties to join us there and take part in these informative dialogues.

Provision of consultancy services by Liam Ottley

As the driving force behind this AI Automation Agency transformation, Liam Ottley offers consulting services to businesses eager to see similar improvements. He brings his specialized knowhow and experience to bear, helping individuals and organizations leverage AI to their advantage.


Our journey with the Email Marketing Agency showcases the transformative power of AI. The work we did revolutionized their business processes, highlighting the potential of AI in scaling businesses. This case study serves as an illustration of how AI solutions can redefine business operations, offering enhanced efficiency and creating competitive advantage.

The potential of AI is vast, and we invite other businesses to engage with us, learn from our journey, and apply AI solutions within their own operations, leveraging them for incredible growth and success.

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